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""After a session, I feel less physical and mental pain, but more than that I feel a quality of joy I have forgotten."




"After a single Zero Balancing session, I was able to move my joints without any stiffness or discomfort. I felt more relaxed, limber and calmer than I had felt in months."




Sandra SavineWhat is Zero Balancing?
Zero Balancing (ZB) is a hands-on therapeutic bodywork system that accesses the underlying causes of stress and pain and amplifies wellness. Subtle, yet powerful, it focuses on the whole person while addressing specific needs.

Zero Balancing brings the body back into balance by releasing tensions in bones, tissues, and energy systems.

The desired outcome of a Zero Balancing session is to help relieve physical and mental symptoms, to improve the ability to deal with life stresses and to organize the fields of energy in the body – promoting wholeness and well being.

Key Benefits of Zero Balancing

  • Reduces body discomfort and pain
  • Increases joint mobility and decreases postural strain
  • Improves stress related symptoms, head ache, backache, fatigue, depression, insomnia and anxiety
  • Helps release tissue trauma and chronic pain patterns
  • Invigorates body, mind, and spirit
  • Improves ease of breathing

Zero Balancing sessions
Sessions begin with a discussion of the client's current state of health and priorities for positive change.

I love this part of the session because the client states his/her intention, or frame, ie., how they can improve the quality of his/her life. The client begins to think in terms of what he/she wants in life.

Sessions are received with clients fully clothed and include a brief seated evaluation followed by the client reclining on his/her back on a massage table.

The practitioner assesses the client's body for tension held in the bones, joints, and soft tissues and invites a release of these tensions by using gentle pressure and comfortable traction.

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Carla Van Arnam & Sandra

Fellow ZB practitioner Carla Van Arnam & Sandra

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