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Sandra Savine has been an enthusiastic and effective teacher for over 40 years, the last nineteen of which have been devoted to Zero Balancing. She regards teaching as one of her missions in this lifetime. The strength of her teaching comes from her ability to see the potential of her students and to hold each one in the highest regard. She also brings a lightness of being into her workshops which facilitates learning. Sandra’s knowledge, experience and passion for Zero Balancing make her workshops fun, relaxed and stimulating.

Sandra has maintained a private practice since 1990 in Arlington, Virginia and now in Charlottesville. Her clients come for Zero Balancing to improve the quality of their lives. Sandra is especially adept at helping her clients frame each session, establishing a contractual agreement and a vibration that is sent out for Universal support. The focus of her Zero Balancing session is about healing. On Sandra’s ZB table, the client can open to his or her potential as the Self becomes aware of its True Nature. For Sandra, it is a pleasure and an honor to serve in this beautiful way.

“ZB isn’t just a magnificent system; it is also a way of life. I live the principles of Zero Balancing. My other passions are Italian, opera/music, travel, reading and exercise, including yoga. I love hanging out with friends and family and I love to laugh. Life is all about exuberant Balance.”

Sandra & her daughter Misha

Sandra & her daughter Misha


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