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Balanced Hedonism
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Sandra Savine, Terre Sisson & Mary Michaud
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North Garden, VA



Messages from Mother Nature

In one week’s time Central Virginians have experienced a 5.8 earthquake with many aftershocks, some as intense as 4.5, Mercury in retrograde (if you don’t know, google it), and a visit from Hurricane Irene.

For me, all this intensity has made me feel giddy. My energy is soaring along with Mother Nature’s. I am experiencing a high, a Rocky Mountain high, an old John Denver song well known to those of a certain age.

I would compare it to a falling in love energy. Remember when the love was so new, so intense you felt as though you were vibrating on a much higher level? To use another song, this one by Carole King, “I feel the Earth move under my feet.” Energy abounds, metabolism increases, weight just drops off and everything contributed to your joy. You could savor it because you felt so alive that even menial tasks seemed effortless. You lived in anticipation of the next moment as you relished this moment. Your skin tingled; your aliveness sustained itself.

It seems I am falling in love with Mother Nature, a formidable force to be respected: a power so great I am humbled. A sense of gratefulness sweeps over me. I am so grateful to feel this alive and feel the grace, even when She shutters to release tension. She is being gentle with us this time as She quickens our awareness and opens our hearts. This time Her messages come in symbols.

With this increased vibration of energy, we can listen carefully to Her powerful messages, and heed Her wisdom as She implores us to find balance. We can reach out with the open heartedness we would with a new love. As Mother Nature stirs us with her opening, how do you respond?


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