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Balanced Hedonism
Day-long Retreat with
Sandra Savine, Terre Sisson & Mary Michaud
April 23rd, 10am–5pm
North Garden, VA



Opening to Possibilities

We are capable of opening our minds to what is possible, instead of presuming impossibility.

By focusing in the moment we can be aware of the hundreds and thousands (millions, really) of small moments of significance. This focus opens spaces to new allowances. Through awareness we become agile in breaking down concepts that no longer serve us and that separate us from our expansive selves. We can reconstruct our ideas about illness and aging, for example.

Adyashanti, spiritual teacher and writer, talks about the Absolute Reality, the root of our existence, the source and substance of all, and he speaks of Relative Reality, our everyday existence. We exist as both. We live in both dimensions.

If we try to hold ourselves in the Absolute Reality, we cut off part of ourselves.
If we dwell only in Relative Reality, we lose sight of infinite potential and our concepts become rigid. For example, “I am unfit because I am getting old.” “Bad eye sight comes with age.” “Oh, it’s genetic.” These beliefs can be self perpetuating.

Small moments of significance make one dance as we align with the root of our existence. It is a movement of delight that allows us to live in a state of evolution.

Embodying both realities simultaneously offers stillness. Stillness is the doorway to possibilities, openness and knowing.

The thousands of whispers during small moments seek to be heard. By definition the whisper speaks softly, so we need to sense, focus and allow our minds to open to what is possible: living as magnanimous beings.

Breathe in and allow.
Breathe out and let go.

Anything is possible.


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